Social Media & Freedom of speech

Social media gives people the chance to say whatever they want to say, when they want to. Sites like Facebook, and Twitter give people a chance to voice their own opinions about any topic. There are some consequences that come with this such as cyber bullying and huge debates on certain things. Freedom of speech is the first Amendment in the United States Constitution. It protects a person’s right to freedom of speech and expression. People post anything online now. You can post about the government or any event that is going on in the world. The question is should people be penalized on what they say on the internet? Some people would say yes and some would say no.

In the article “Be careful what you post: Social Media and Freedom of speech” it talks about a kid named Justin carter. Justin wrote a horrible status about how he wanted to go shoot up a kindergarten, watch the blood of the innocent rain down, and eat the heart of one of the kids. A lady reported him to the cops and he was arrested. Behavior like this should not be tolerated on social media, even though you can say what you want a post like this one will get you nowhere. Kids these days take social media for granted.

In the same article it talks about another kid who said he was going to go shoot up a college. He goes on to say that he it was an experiment to see if he would get caught. This can also affects employees. The law doesn’t allow employees to speak about private matters. If the problem is a public matter an employee may talk about it. If the employee is on Facebook complaining about their boss, they can get in trouble for that. Employers tend to check their employees facebooks and what they post on it. Even though technology is growing every day the law is trying to catch up with it.

Freedom of speech is good on social media. It allows people to voice their opinions and say what they want. People should watch what they are saying on these social media sites. People who are posting things like Justin Carter should start moderating what they are saying. Even though we have the freedom of speech people seem to take it a little too far. Even though the government cannot monitor everything on the internet, they should consider watching what people say on these social media sites.


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