Different Kind of Experience

Blogging has been a different kind of experience for me. I thought blogging was not fun at all, I thought it was for people who actually liked to write a lot. As I wrote my first blog post it was fun to do so. I threw out what I knew before and started to actually see blogging in a different perspective. You can blog about any topic you would like to blog about. Anything that interests you, you can do it. Blogging isn’t just about whats going on in the world, it could be what is not going on. You can even blog about little kittens. Blogs are different from social media sites. I thought it would be like it, but it isn’t’. Blogging is about getting conversations started with other people and getting their feedback. A blog is something like a social media site because you have to get followers and views in order to have your work put out there.


Throughout the semester I’ve wrote 4 or 5 blog posts. Each blog is different and has different opinions in each one. My favorite blog post was about civil disobedience and it was an interesting post. It wasn’t easy writing these blogs because as I said before I wasn’t really a fan of blogging. I got a lot of comments from my fellow students in my social media class, which is the class this blog is for. Now comments really help you see what you should do for your next post. Most of my class mates agreed with what I was saying in my posts.

I did my first ever podcast for this class also. My podcast was about interpersonal relationships on social media, and briefly on cyber bullying. In the podcast explained why I felt that social media changed the way we interact with each other. I talked about how we see ourselves and other people on these sites. I also talked about how we rather talk through computers and cell phones rather than face to face. Now it being my first ever podcast I was very nervous and didn’t even like how my voice sounded on it. It took me many tries to get it right. A podcast is something I don’t think I will ever do again. I will leave that up to the professional pod-casters ha ha.
In conclusion blogging has been a fun experience for me. I don’t think I will continue blogging after this class, but I will leave up my site for people to look at. It was hard work getting this together so I won’t take it down. It has been fun blogging for you guys.


Free Cone Day on Twitter

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream wanted to reach the public with their free cone day idea. Since the opening of the store itself, they have been having free cone day. Ben & Jerry used twitter as a way to reach people around the world, and make them aware of this special day. They used the hash tag “#freeconeday” as a way to make people aware of the event. The point of using twitter was to get some traffic to their store, and get a more global stand. Also this would help with people telling friends and family about the event. Ben & Jerry were able to reach over 700 million people through the use of Twitter. They built up the momentum of the subject by talking about it days before. They also used polls asking Twitter users their favorite kind of ice cream. Hash tagging was a unique way to get people’s attention other than just regular old advertisements like Facebook has. I feel like free cone day was a perfect event because everyone enjoys ice cream and it’s free. Ben & Jerry did a good job promoting this and getting a world audience doing so.

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A little off topic

I would like to take the time out to wish my followers a happy holidays. Around this time of year its all about spending time with your family and having fun. I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving and eat all whole bunch of food, hahaha. Another part of thanksgiving I like are the rivalry football games that are on television. I would also like for you guys to take the time out to read my blog posts and leave a little feedback for me. It has been a pleasure writing these blog posts and actually promoting my blog. I love all my followers and people that comment on what I post. Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays because I love to eat. What is your favorite part of thanksgiving or the holidays in general?

Social Media & Freedom of speech

Social media gives people the chance to say whatever they want to say, when they want to. Sites like Facebook, and Twitter give people a chance to voice their own opinions about any topic. There are some consequences that come with this such as cyber bullying and huge debates on certain things. Freedom of speech is the first Amendment in the United States Constitution. It protects a person’s right to freedom of speech and expression. People post anything online now. You can post about the government or any event that is going on in the world. The question is should people be penalized on what they say on the internet? Some people would say yes and some would say no.

In the article “Be careful what you post: Social Media and Freedom of speech” it talks about a kid named Justin carter. Justin wrote a horrible status about how he wanted to go shoot up a kindergarten, watch the blood of the innocent rain down, and eat the heart of one of the kids. A lady reported him to the cops and he was arrested. Behavior like this should not be tolerated on social media, even though you can say what you want a post like this one will get you nowhere. Kids these days take social media for granted.

In the same article it talks about another kid who said he was going to go shoot up a college. He goes on to say that he it was an experiment to see if he would get caught. This can also affects employees. The law doesn’t allow employees to speak about private matters. If the problem is a public matter an employee may talk about it. If the employee is on Facebook complaining about their boss, they can get in trouble for that. Employers tend to check their employees facebooks and what they post on it. Even though technology is growing every day the law is trying to catch up with it.

Freedom of speech is good on social media. It allows people to voice their opinions and say what they want. People should watch what they are saying on these social media sites. People who are posting things like Justin Carter should start moderating what they are saying. Even though we have the freedom of speech people seem to take it a little too far. Even though the government cannot monitor everything on the internet, they should consider watching what people say on these social media sites.


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Promoting blogs not so easy

Trying to get people to follow my blog was not an easy task.I knew Getting traffic and getting people to comment on what I post would be hard. I had to go through a number of steps to try to get people attracted to my blog. I believe that my blog posts are well written and can get people started on a conversation. There are many ways to promote a blog such as Twitter, Facebook, and even email. If people like your blog or what you post they will be attracted to it and maybe even give you a comment. Being fairly new to the blogging world I thought promoting it would be easy.

At first I was using Twitter to promote my blog. On my main account I tweeted some links of my blog. I also made a separate account just for it and added some followers. I don’t think I got much traffic off of my twitter account since it was kind of new. I thought I would move on to Facebook and try to get some traffic on there. I made a business page for my blog and got some likes on it. But again I feel as if I did not get any traffic towards my blog. Having 1,000 plus friends I feel sharing my blog on my wall on Facebook would be a good idea to attract users.

On word press one of my blogs got shared by this user who connects blogs. I feel as if people looked at my blog but didn’t comment or follow it. I also submitted my link to my blog to Google and also MSN. I got a few follows from people but I don’t know if it came from that or what. I am now linked up with Google plus and hope to get some traffic from there. I also commented on other people’s blog and left my link for them to come and comment back.

Being a new blogger and all promoting my blog is not easy nor is it fun. I will continue the process of trying to draw traffic to my blog. Hopefully soon my blog will start to have some life to it and people will start commenting and enjoying my posts. Something I could probably do better is actually sending out more emails to friends and hope that gets them to see my blog. Another thing is to keep being an active blogger and comment on more of others blogs.

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Civil Disobedience and the Future

Civil disobedience is a form of non violence resistance to the government and its laws. Civil disobedience comes from people’s hearts; they feel very passionate about what they’re doing and strongly believe in their cause. In the act of civil disobedience you have to break laws, and it has to be a public presentation. The non violence part is a huge factor because it shows strength and courage. Civil disobedience usually occurs when the government is corrupt or the laws are unfair. There have been many protests due to the act of corruption in a country. Some examples of people that strongly believed in civil disobedience are Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela. These people believed in non violent protests. A Civil Disobedience show that people have the right to stand up for what they think is right. It shows courage and it takes heart to go out and represent what you stand for.

The Tiananmen Square massacre also known as the June fourth incident is an example of Civil disobedience. Tiananmen Square massacre is where almost one million Chinese students protesting for pro democracy were shot and killed. They were protesting pro democracy because they felt that the Chinese political party was very corrupt and a very well known political leader named Hu Yaobang passed away. After protesting for a few days the Chinese government passed martial law in Beijing. Protesters were arrested and foreign journalists were kicked out of the country. A brave university student stood in front of one of the army’s tanks and refused to move. The guy driving the tank was not trying to run over the young man, every time it tried to go around him he would just stand in the way. After a few tries the young man ran back into the crowd of protesters. To me that shows a lot of bravery and heart that someone would stand in front of a tank and not hesitate. The Chinese army resulted to violence and started to shoot into the crowd of protesters. The Chinese saw the protests as a riot.


A Vietnamese monk burned himself to death because the South Vietnamese government was persecuting Buddhist monks. He set himself on fire as an act of civil disobedience. This act shocked the whole world as the picture of him on fire spread on the internet. There are different forms of civil disobedience, and many different ways to go about it. I think burning himself was a way to send out a strong message to the government. Even though I wouldn’t do something like that it must have took a lot of heart to be able to go through something like that.Image

Social Media and civil disobedience can go hand and hand. People can get on social networks and voice their opinions about how they feel about the government or anything else they feel is unfair. Also it shows non violence because people are online and not out in the public. Social media can also spread the news faster and more efficiently. It can bring more people together and more voices can be heard. Social media is a new form of communication and it is hard to control it. People can say what they want and how they feel regardless of who is reading it. In places like china where the communist party controls everything it would be easier for them to control the internet and what goes on it. I feel social media is the future of civil disobedience because people can easily reach a common goal on it.


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